Benefits of the Carbohydrate Counting Diet

The carbohydrate counting diet groups foods into three main groups:  carbohydrates,
proteins, and fats.  You dietician will provide you with the number of carbohydrates you
can have in a day and how that is divided up amongst your meals and snacks.  Your
dietician will also educate you on how you can determine the numbers of carbohydrates
are in some of your favorite foods by reading food labels.

The biggest benefit of the carbohydrate counting diet is that it does not eliminate any
foods.  A diabetic can choose any food they wish to eat as long as they only eat enough of
it to meet their carbohydrate needs.  The trick to this is to choose wholesome foods that
will fill you up longer.  The same amounts of carbohydrates that are in a small handful of
potato chips are not equal to the two slices of bread you can have instead.  But it is nice
to know that if you really want to – once in awhile – you can treat yourself.

Another benefit is keeping a consistent amount of carbohydrates in your body.  This can
help regulate your insulin needs and control.  If your body has the same amount of
carbohydrates to process at the same times each day it will be beneficial to your health
and blood glucose readings.

When you choose a carbohydrate counting diet it is important to make sure you are doing
it correctly.  If you don’t you can too much or too little and both situations can be
detrimental to your diabetes.  Have a dietician teach you how to properly count
carbohydrates and closely monitor your blood sugar levels to make sure the diet it
working for you.

As with any new diet, give it time for you to adjust and learn how to plan your meals
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Artificial Sweeteners for Diabetics

The food industry has come up with a solution for people on diets or with diabetes that
have a sweet tooth.  They are known as artificial sweeteners and they are used in
everything from chewing gum, coffee sweeteners, and even baking.  There is some
controversy over the use of them as some of them are totally synthetic and others are
derived from the actual sugar plant.  But to a diabetic who doesn’t want to give up on
their favorite pop or chewing gum they can be a life-saver.

The four different kinds of artificial sweeteners are:  saccharin, aspartame, sucralose,
acesulfame potassium.  Each of these types can be found under various product names
and brands.  Not all are made the same way and they have different uses.  Some you can
buy in liquid or powdered form for baking needs and others like aspartame is only found
in foods that you purchase pre-made.

 The use of these artificial sweeteners will not raise blood sugar and are safe for a
diabetic to use.  Care and attention is still needed because the food items you put sugar in
or on most likely will have an affect on your blood sugar.  Still follow your diabetic diet
but use some artificial sweeteners to make it a little sweeter.

Some diabetics may want to use honey as a substitute for sugar.  You certainly can make
this substitution, however, honey is very similar to sugar in carbohydrate content and the
effects it will have on your blood glucose level.  It is best to enjoy honey in small
moderations if at all.

Aspartame has been linked in some medical studies with Alzheimer’s disease.  Speak to
your doctor about the benefits and risks of using any of the artificial sweeteners if you
have any concerns about the potential health risks.
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Benefits of a Healthy Diabetic Diet

Benefits of eating a healthy diet are for everyone but for a diabetic there can be even
more reasons to follow a nutritious meal plan.  Keeping a stable blood glucose level is the
biggest reason for a diabetic to follow a diabetic diet.  It takes commitment and patience
to stick with the diet and plan out all meals each week.  But the more that it is done the
easier it will become.

Another benefit of eating a healthy diabetic diet is reducing the amount of insulin that is
needed.  By eating good carbohydrate choices and lean meats you will lower the insulin
requirements for your body.  The foods you eat all affect on your blood sugars and when
you do not choose the best foods for your body it will need more insulin to process them. 
In addition to extra insulin requirements, you will suffer from high blood sugars also
known as hyperglycemia.  This condition can have serious long-term effects on your
body and its organs.

By continuing with a healthy diet and combining it with regular exercise you can lose
excess body weight.  This too is good for your insulin requirements and blood glucose
levels.  By incorporating exercising into your daily routine you can give your body’s
metabolism a boost and help it process the foods you are eating.  When the foods you
take in are healthy choices your body is going to function better.

If you do not follow a healthy diet you can suffer from:

*    Low blood sugar from not eating enough – hyperglycemia
*    High blood sugar from eating too much or eating the wrong foods –
*    Gain weigh and in turn increase your daily insulin requirement
*    Lack the energy needed to exercise on a regular basis

Eating well can help control your diabetes and prolong your life expectancy.
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