Easy Meal Planning for Diabetics

Meal planning is essential to a successful diabetic diet.  It will prevent times when you
don’t have anything ready for dinner and grab something that you probably shouldn’t be
eating.  The planning of meals should begin before you head to the grocery store in the
form of a list and meals you are going to make for those ingredients.

Once a week you should sit down and plan what meals you are going to eat and make for
the next week.  When you are making your meal plan, don’t forget to include all meals
and snacks too.  If you are hungry and know what your next meal is going to be you are
going to be better prepared. 

In the beginning, meal planning will take some time.  Depending on what diet your are
following (the Exchange Diet, Counting Carbohydrates, or the TLC Diet) you are going
to have to get used to the foods you can have, the portion sizes and how they can be

Plan each day out in its entirety.  Make it realistic; don’t plan to make lasagna on a night
that you know you won’t be home until late.  Save the meals with more preparation for
when you have time and make extra so you can have left-overs when time is tight.

When you are in the grocery store, do not go hungry.  If you do, there is more chance that
you will buy food that you do not need.  Another trick while you are pushing around the
cart is to only get what is on your list.  If you are in line paying for your food and notice
something that snuck its way in – put it back.  This will not only make sure you stick to
your meal plan but can save you money too.
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Diabetic Diets – Consistency and Variety

It may sound like a hard thing to do – be consistent and have variety in your diet at the
same time.  But it is possible and it is the best way to control your diabetes with your
diet.  The consistency comes in at specific meal times and the same servings from the
different food groups.  And the variety refers to trying as many different foods in the food
groups as you can.

It can be easy to find a few meals that work well with your blood sugars and are easy to
prepare and just stick with them.  You are more than likely to get bored with this and you
probably aren’t getting all of the nutrients you need from a set amount of foods.

Whether you are on the carbohydrate counting diet or the exchange diet, you have a lot of
room for flexibility.  You can combine different foods together for something new or try
foods you have never had before.  You can meet with your dietician to get additional
ideas for recipes and other foods that you can eat to add more variety to your diet.

There will be times that you try a new food and your blood sugars are higher as a result. 
Think back about anything else that you had done differently that day – less activity or
taking your insulin later than usual.  If the new food is the only change you experienced
talk to your dietician.  You may be able to prepare the food differently or eat it with
something else or you may have to avoid that food if it doesn’t work for your diabetic

Just because you have diabetes doesn’t mean that you can’ be adventurous and try
something new, just do it at regular meal times and within the recommended portion
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