Sian Burton BDA Chairman says "Trust a Dietitian"

BDA Honourary Chairman Siân Burton explains why she’s chosen Trust a Dietitian as her Chairman’s theme.
Siân Burton, BDA Chairman 2013
Siân Burton, BDA Chairman 2013

In response, I would like to introduce my new theme: Trust a Dietitian

This campaign aims to encouraging you our members to ‘Know Your Worth’ and be proud of your qualified status as a registered dietitian.  This campaign will equip you, our members with information, case studies and toolkits to effectively promote yourselves and the profession.

All BDA members will be asked to participate in the campaign, take part in various local, regional and even national events and get involved in the first ever Dietitian’s Week taking place from 9-13 June 2014.”

Last year I attended the annual BDA conference, not one of my better decisions. As you can see, they damn near wasted me, can't think why. I had attended the meeting in what I thought was a passable disguise, unfortunately the ex resident dietitian recognised me. Instantly all hell broke loose, I awoke four days later, heavily sedated, and barely alive, in The West Smethwick Infirmary. I won't be attending the 'Dietitians week' bash.


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