“The Miracle is this - the more we share, the more we have.”

Apparently so said Leonard Nimoy (better known as Spock). I found this on Julie’s great blog ‘Happiness is a dish best savoured hot‘, which you can link to from our side bar.

The inter-net can be a great place and for those of us who regularly use it, it’s a great boon. However, it comes with a price. It may take up a lot of what would have been your free time. Many a time friends have said to me I thought I’d just check my emails, or I’ll just have a look at the blog and something that should have taken minutes results in you still being on the inter-net/web an hour or so later and in some cases all morning - but surely not all day! 

This of course is fine if you have nothing better to do but for most of us isn’t there something we ought to be doing instead? How about a walk, how about sorting the garage out, how about getting that bag of things you no longer use down the charity shop. Recycle and re-use, it helps so many people out.

Do you remember the great ‘Encyclopaedia Britannica’. I used to love reading through them and finding out new things. Now of course it’s a click of the mouse or the touch on your phone.

Do you remember writing to pen pals or a favourite Aunt. I used to do this to, but now of course it’s emails or text. Twitter, face book, the modern media - is this progress? Well yes I suppose it is but I loved receiving letters through the post and the art of letter writing unfortunately is becoming a thing of the past.

One great thing I like about the inter-net is my new found friends on blogs and forums. Of course you may find some you dislike, you do not agree with them, their thoughts are way outside your comfort zone. Well two choices, either join in or not. The on/off switch is in our hands or should I say fingers.

I believe it’s true the more we share, the more we have. Knowledge and friendship forms bonds, a bit like shaking hands across the world, and couldn‘t the world and it‘s people do with a little bit more understanding.

With 2013 now behind us, is it time for us to bring about new beginnings? We all have to decide, will we continue as last year or will we do something different that could make a change for the better. I certainly hope to continue blogging. By doing this I can enjoy sharing and learning things about health and lifestyle that interest me. I will also continue to love, support and enjoy my family and friends. We are stronger together.

Many of you reading this may have made your New Year Resolutions, they can work out if you do the groundwork and keep at it. With this in mind you may enjoy this short piece which I found on Julie's blog - I found it interesting hope you do to.

Have a good 2014 and make each day count.

All the best Jan

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