Carrie Ruxton Dietitian said "You know nothing at all about me”

“Eddie, my comments in the Daily Mail were not exactly as I'd said them to Fiona McRae. Instead of sounding off in this bitchy way, why don't you ask me what I think about this topic? You know nothing at all about me”
I do know something about you Carrie, you're a registered Dietitian and you are all over the internet. Ex employee of the The Sugar Bureau, working for the The Fat Information Service, a Unilever shill flogging margarine, recently flogging tea to children via the The Tea Advisory Panel, working with The Proprietary Association of Great Britain (membership most of the worlds big pharma companies) flogging supplements. Not so long ago Dr. John Briffa shredded you for misleading information, posted but now removed from The Fat Information Service website. Let’s face it Carrie you flog, promote or endorse stuff for money. That’s cool with me, but sugar and marg is junk in my opinion, and big pharma’s reputation is abysmal, hence the $billions in fines for illegal activities. I have a very keen sense of smell and I'm smelling four pound of condemned veal. Junk food big pharma oh dear.
Anyway let’s cut to the chase, did you or did you not say  “carbs are the body’s main source of energy – and the brain’s only source” as quoted in the Daily Mail ? Most interested in any comment you have to make, especially on your views for the control of type two diabetes using  a low carb high fat diet.
BTW check out margarine production, good grief it’s a failed science experiment if ever I saw one. It’s no wonder butter sales are going up and marg sales are plummeting.
The 12 stages of margarine production.
1, Soy beans, corn sunflower or rapeseeds
2, Oils extracted by high temperature and pressure.
3 Remaining fraction of oils removed with hexane and other solvents.
4 Oils, now rancid, steam cleaned to remove all vitamins and anti oxidants(but pesticides and solvents remain)
5 Oils mixed with nickel catalyst.
6 Oils with catalyst subjected to hydrogen gas in a high pressure high temperature reactor.
7 Soap like emulsifiers mixed in.
8 Oil steam cleaned again to remove horrible odour.
9 Grey colour removed by bleaching!
10 Artificial flavours, synthetic vitamins and natural colour added.
11 mixture is packaged in blocks or tubs.
12 Advertising promotes margarine as a health food.!!
(Source… Premier Training International Ltd.)


Carrie comments.

"I said glucose is the brain's only source of energy under normal conditions and carbs are the body's preferred fuel. I have no experience of using high fat diets to control diabetes so I can't comment. The Daily Mail article was about low carb diets for weight control. My view on this is that you can get the same benefit from low GI/GL high fibre diets and, so, it is not necessary to restrict carbs."

xyzzy said...

Well said Eddie

Carrie you are a professional dietitian so I am shocked by your appalling admission that you have no knowledge of lchf regimes for use in either weight loss or diabetes control. Dont you have a responsibility to keep your self up to date with 21st century thinking. Its not as if any of this is particularly new for example the Swedish Health service and government actively promote lchf regimes both for weight loss and diabetes control since 2011 based on ample research carried out in the previous 10 years. Perhaps noting the fact that Sweden is only 2nd to Iceland in having the smallest incidence of T2 diabetes in the industrialised nations should be giving you and others in your profession a bit of a clue.

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