A happy, prosperous and above all a healthy New Year.

Low carb high fat.You know it makes sense, why fight it ?

Well another year has past.  All the many low carbers from the old days at diabetes.co.uk, many from over five years ago are all doing well. I keep in touch with many of them. Happy birthday to the mega star Libby, the woman that shed eight stone and has kept it off for years and holds HbA1c in the fours year after year. I never got into the fours. To Hana and Ian still doing well and still spreading the word. To Janet (not my Janet) Red, Fergus, Ray, John, Dillinger, Graham, Paul, Kath, Tess, Indy Jill, Galina, Doug, Franziska, Jimmy, Jay, Fred, Lynda, Marc, Karen, Lisa, Lori, Geoff, PaulB, Jean, Sheila, Leigh, Alison and so many more, sorry if I have not named you. Thanks for the help and encouragement.

To the low carb antis and naysayers, thank you for keeping me motivated. If I and my friends had not been banned from some UK diabetes forums, I may have walked away years ago, you negative antis give me a reason to fight on. You guys are the reason I started this blog, it has given us a voice and our blogs have received over a million page views. For me the lampooning and ridiculing is not that personal, as the mafia say, "It was never personal it was business" My business is spreading the low carb word and breaking down the dietary lunacy that has brought about an early and painful death for so many diabetics. I have had much to say re the low carb antis, I fully appreciate they are no wiser, but I hope they have become better informed.

So my low carb friends, a very positive and rewarding year has come to an end. Everywhere we look the scientific evidence is proving us right. The WHO want a 50% reduction in sugar recommendations. The Swedish government has endorsed low carb, and most importantly, the ordinary men and women out there are getting the message. Some say our experience is only anecdotal, and cannot be relied upon, well my BG meter, weighing scales, blood tests and lipid profile is not anecdotal, the numbers speak for themselves and are facts that speak for themselves. As they do for countless people around the world. Low carb high fat works, and keeps on working.

That's my lot for now, it's my birthday today, at sixty four years of age everything still works, (without the need for viagra LOL) I have a bottle of Champagne chilling in the fridge and a nice old Rioja breathing in the kitchen, don't expect too much from me tomorrow.

Last thank you to my Janet who without her I am nothing.

Have a good one Eddie

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