DCUK New layout same idiots !

Over at the forum of fun the new layout has been well received, certainly much faster. Unfortunately the same idiots are rubbishing low carb. Sid Bonkers is either a total liar or stark raving mad, probably both. From Sid today.

“For some a lchf diet might be a good way to control T2 but for the vast majority it is unsustainable in the long term and also when you restrict carbohydrates to the extreme ie under 40g or 50g a day you run the risk of becoming more sensitive to carbs which is obviously not a good thing as those carbs that you do eat affect you much faster and much more.”

He must know many people who have stuck to low carbing for years, many are still regulars at the forum. He must realise almost all the success stories on the forum involve low carbing. He went on to say.

“The diet I used to loose weight was a reduced carb diet with no added fat and I substituted low GI carbs wherever possible and that is also what I use 5 years after shedding 5 stone to maintain my weight loss, I eat a lot less food than I used to and as I need less food to thrive I have never needed to increase the fat in my diet. I don’t avoid fat I just don’t add it to my diet.”

Sid needs “less food to thrive” because he is an invalid and can hardly move. Check out his profile it says “Foot tapping and occasional walking” before the public could view members profiles it stated he gave up fishing due to ill health and liked walking his dog when able. The fact is because of virtually zero physical activity, Sid can get by on 17 grams of cornflakes and a splash of milk for breakfast! Others who work, or are physically active cannot, this appears to be beyond Sids understanding.

Brett a relative newcomer on 300 grams of carb a day, and lot’s of medication, and knows all the answers, stated regarding low carb.

If it works for you great, would disagree that if you eat carbs, take medication to control spikes maintain good control, have regular exercise then its wrong. Just cause it works for you does not mean its the only way which is how it is coming across”

Hana a long term diabetic with great control and minimal meds and a low carb diet got it right when she said.

“In addition fewer than half the diabetics in this country hit HbA1cs below 7.5% [58] and non-diabetic HbA1cs are about 4.2% or 22. Our local diabetes centre frequently sees double figures. If you think 7.5% is good control, good luck to you, you will need it. If you choose to achieve it by high doses of medication, you'll need even more good luck. If you currently can keep bg down without medication you already have a lot of luck. I personally prefer not to rely on luck and to avoid eating the stuff that puts my bg up. Since I don't actually need the carbs, why eat them? “

So there you have it. A nice new layout a much faster forum, but the same knumbskulls like Sid spreading the lies and misinformation, it was ever thus. As for the Brett's of this world, if you think a high carb diet and ramming high BG numbers down with lots of medication is the way to go, I recommend a pre-paid funeral plan with the COOP.


Link to the lunacy here.

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