Michael Bolton - When I'm Back On My Feet Again

The thick end of twenty years ago, I was in deep shit. I had blown it big time. Marriage down the crapper, and career over. Out of work and homeless. One winters Sunday afternoon I was sitting in a cafe in Salisbury, drinking a coffee, smoking a cigarette, looking through the window into the street, and feeling pretty sorry for myself. A track come over the radio, I liked  it, but did not know the name of the song or singer. I asked the guy running the cafe, who was the singer and what was the song called, and he told me. I had to laugh, the irony had me laughing like a nutter. Within months I had borrowed a few quid, set up a business, and counting money was a full time job. I then met Jan, the rest is history. Never give up my friends, I now know I had  reached a very special place, an epiphany, a place I am so grateful to have found, short of terminal illness, things could not have got worse, the only way was up. I had survived the worst, nothing could ever get to me again. Eddie

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