Obesity is getting some time out Alzheimer's is the new buzz word !

This week I have not read or heard about obesity in every newspaper read and TV news programmed watched. Following on from my last post re. Alzheimer's, it appears to be the new method of instilling fear into everyone. But, fear not my friends, our PM is on the case. "The Prime Minister said this week that a cure for dementia could be found within 12 years as he announced funding for research into the disease would be doubled." Doubled eh from around £60 million a year to £120 million per year. Far less than some men spend on a boat. To put this derisory sum of money into perspective, we pay £35 million plus into the EU every day. What we get back, is a mystery to me.

But Cameroon and his goons have more up their sleeves. Bus drivers, bank staff and others are being recruited  and trained to lead the fight. Our idiot of a health minister Mr Hunt added: “It’s fantastic to see businesses stepping up to train key staff to support people with dementia in everyday life. “Every section of society has its part to play in tackling this disease.”

So there you have it, one of the most complex and devastating diseases known to man, is on the way to being sorted. For the price of some London houses and some help from bus drivers and bankers, the problem will be solved. Probably the biggest load of bollocks I have ever heard, and trust me, I have heard one hell of a lot of bollocks in my time.

I reckon anyone who believes Camaroon and his muppets, are going to sort this country out and find a cure for Alzheimer's, should be reason for swift medical attention, could there be a more obvious manifestation the believer has lost the plot. I don’t think so.


Link to the lunacy here.

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