Dr Carrie Ruxton BSc, PhD another clueless dietitian !

Over at the Daily Mail yesterday a fairly useless article regarding carbs was posted up. Zoe Harcombe as always got it right.

“While Professor Ogden is clear in her opinion that carbohydrates should remain a key part of people’s diets, nutritionist Zoe Harcombe disagrees.

She claims it is illogical to say people should avoid carbohydrates that are high in sugar, because all carbohydrates break down into sugar. She told MailOnline: ‘This shows nutritional ignorance. Telling people to cut down on sugar but to eat more carbohydrate is like telling people to use the car less but to consume more petrol.

‘All carbs break down into sugars. Whether polysaccharides (many sugars), disaccharides (two sugars) or mono saccharides (single sugars) - all carbs break down into sugar.’ She added: ‘Carbs are not essential. Essential in nutrition means that the substance must be consumed - the body doesn't make it.‘There are essential fats. There are essentials proteins (certain amino acids). There are no essential carbs.’ She added: ‘Women are right to be wary of carbs - they make us fat.”

The most ludicrous comment came from Carrie Ruxton, an independent dietician, said that “carbs are the body’s main source of energy – and the brain’s only source”

Carbs are not essential for any part of the body full stop. Yet again we see a dietitian with zero knowledge of even the most basic knowledge on human metabolism. Glucose is essential for the brain to operate and the body can make all the glucose it needs from protein. Can someone let Carrie know about Gluconeogenesis the pathway that results in glucose production from non carbohydrate foods. Around fifty percent of protein and 10% of fat can be converted by the body to glycogen and ultimately to glucose.

At diagnosis of type two diabetes I came across one of the biggest idiots of my life, you guessed a dietitian, unfortunately it was not a one off situation. Most I have encountered or read about are clueless. Turned out like nuts and bolts at a factory and spout nonsense until the day they retire. So many appear on the payroll of junk food outfits or are rent a gobs for the tabloid press. Professionals many are not.


Link to the lunacy Here

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