The Paleo diet is it a winner ?

Below is a comment made by Jill on a comment made by Brett on the Brett picks up the gauntlet thread.

This morning an anonymous comment came in stating “mm - a study published recently suggests there is evidence of heart disease in these people - there is also alot of guess work!” I asked for clarification and a link, anon posted this “

There is a study - reference to follow but that video says quite a bit. I also saw on google at a recent conference in the UK experts showed there was little evidence that paleo works for athletes. I think it is adapted to suit as certainly many foods touted as paleo are processed such as butter, bacon, coconut and olive oil.”

From Paul

Anonymous said… "...are processed such as butter, bacon, coconut and olive oil."

What? Compared to the likes of Frankenfats such as Flora margarine and 1 kcal spray oil that resembles something you might use in the motor industry...I'll stick to good old butter and olive oil!

From Jill

“Brett said "A lot of people have mentioned the diet of our ancestors, they had a life expectancy of how many years?"

This has to be the most misleading non-argument ever. Adjusted for infant mortality and death by traumatic injury, our Paleolithic ancestors lived just as long as us - they didn't die of heart disease, cancer, autoimmune diseases and diabetes though. They were also taller and had much better dentition than the agriculturalists that came after them. Paleontologists can tell the difference between hunter gatherer and Neolithic populations immediately because of the pathologies caused by diets based on grain.”

I don’t see my diet as being Paleo, I have regular access to foods that would have been rarely available, if ever, back in those times. My take on a healthy diet is pretty much whatever you eat, it must be better than the so called US food pyramid diet of death used in the UK and much of the developed world. What say you ?

At close to 60 years of age Paleo man Mark Sisson has the body of an athlete less than half his age.

As always say what you like, if it’s legal we will post it.


From Doug

Confession, I do not know much about paleo or primal or whatever it's called. When diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes it was my other half who found your website and made the change to my diet and since after the family diet. Even my daughters both teenagers now eat a much reduced carbohydrate and higher fat meal than before I became ill. My HbA1c results over the years since diagnosis are in the high now mid fives. I owe this to my other half and the way she provides this LCHF food we all eat.

Joking aside as I always liked eating cakes the godsend has been the variety of low carb cakes I can still eat. But the important thing to me is my blood test and my meter readings.

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