Is The Hunger Games - The Shape of things to come ?

Firstly I have not seen the films 'The Hunger Games' nor read the books. My children have, along with many other followers.

A mothers love is a powerful thing, and in my limited experience of reading books, watching films talking to mothers I believe a mother will do what she can to feed and protect her young. An inbred reaction maybe? A father will of course also do his best to protect and provide for his family.

In this present day families are under more and more pressure to provide. Cost of living is always going up, and most peoples salaries are not keeping up with inflation. Food bills very rarely decrease, of course supermarkets have their 'special offers' which should be used wisely as savings can often be found.

People have told me they shop at the end of the day as further savings can be made as the 'use by date' on foods that are going to expire are reduced. It would appear that as well as the increase in people who are having to use food banks to help provide for their families more and more people are trying to shop to make the most of reduced prices in food.

Are they fighting over foods such as in the films 'The Hunger Games' ? Well have a look at this report.

Fighting over food broke out in Berkshire recently - read what happened here


It makes you wonder where will it all end?

All the best Jan

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