What do low carb antis think we live on ?

When you hear the drivel talked about the low carb lifestyle, you have to wonder about the mentality of the naysayers. They make comments such as "it's dangerous and unhealthy" or "no-one can stick to it in the long term". They talk of diseases such as scurvy, osteoporosis and conditions like bowel disorders and lack of energy, the list of negative comments is long. If the naysayers were just your run of the mill bloggers or forum members, lack of understanding about what constitutes as a good healthy diet, would be understandable, but so much dross comes from the medical profession. Many dietitians seem to be particularly lacking in sound dietary knowledge.

These are the foods I live on. Looking at a typical plate of food I eat, vegetables cover around three quarters of the plate, the kind of vegetables in the picture, only starchy vegetables like potatoes are not included.

The remainder of my food plate contains fresh meat

Or fish

The remainder of my food and a large percentage of my calories come from healthy fats

Small amounts of low carb fruits also feature in my daily food intake

Remember this diet or lifestyle is unsustainable or dangerous according to many Doctors and Dietitians, and numerous bloggers and diabetes forum members. They believe the continuance of the foods that type two diabetics cannot tolerate, and leads to their downfall is the way to go. They believe starchy carbohydrates are essential and drugs are the way to safe diabetes control. Doctors and Dietitians are highly educated people, but one must never confuse education with intelligence. The foods on this post have kept countless diabetics free from complications for years, they have ensured non diabetic blood glucose numbers, a good lipid profile and safe stable weight. All have achieved good health and many on minimal or no diabetes medications.

Type one diabetics following the low carb lifestyle report large reductions in medication and much better blood glucose control and stability, improved lipids and weight loss when required. 93% of UK type one diabetics fail to get to a good HbA1c number, but very few type one diabetics follow a low carb lifestyle. They have believed the information regarding diet from the the likes of the NHS and DUK and from low carb naysayers on forums, and they are paying a terrible price. So many will learn the error of their ways, unfortunately for many it will be too late to avoid diabetic complications. Doctors and Dietitians will pick up their pay cheques and for them life will go on, they believe diabetes is always progressive, and more than anything else, they believe they are right. 


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