Sian Porter Dietitian sure loves her spuds !

Sian Porter certainly gets around, wherever I go, Sian is giving us the benefits of her vast knowledge. Spokesperson for the British Dietetics Association, Consultant Dietician to the Potato Council, Dietitian for the The Fat Panel, our Sian certainly gets around. A work rate that is most  admirable, only one problem, Sian is heavily overweight, possibly obese.

I can't help thinking, if Sian can’t control her own weight, should she be telling others what to eat. Clearly, if she is following her own advice, it ain’t working. OK you may be thinking, why pick on Sian? well, between me and you, excess blubber is no big deal, I expect Sian is very nice and cuddly, but her advice is killing people, and sending countless diabetics to an early grave. This I can prove and is why after receiving numerous legal threats and communication from Lawyers, no one ever wants to follow through and take me to court. I can prove a low carb high fat diet is best for most diabetics, will I ever get the chance to prove it in a court of law? Time will tell.

I am looking forward to the New Year and next year there will be no more Mr. Nice Guy.

This is a photo of me and my old friend Barney Hinkelstein during our ill-fated Eastern Bloc tour, which was carried out in order to warn people about the dangers of high starch-high carb potatoes to the work-shy communists. Barney was eventually shot dead by the Stasi, after being mistaken for a man dressed as a giant Potato.


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