Sian Porter BDA spokesperson RD is FAT !

Not so long ago I was watching a TV documentary on diet and obesity and they wheeled the expert out in the form of Sian Porter. Well she has a lot of neck, literally, and was clearly in the obese weight range, She has featured on this blog more than once, including the last post. Check out her short video below, as usual saturated fat is the bad guy. She makes a reference to an outfit called The Fat Panel and is one of the companies she works for, and  wait for it, “The Fat Panel is currently funded by an unrestricted educational grant from the Margarine & Spreads Association”  Check out the links below.

Quote from Sian in the video "use rapeseed oil or olive oil instead of butter and lard" she clearly knows nothing about the smoke point of oils and fats and how heat works on them.

Now, as it is the season of goodwill, I won’t bang on about dietitians that can’t get to a healthy weight, or are clueless about basic human metabolism, or seem to be prepared to hawk themselves out for a price. No, I am offering to help Sian, I know I can get her to a healthy weight. If she contacts me via our website we can getting cracking in the New Year. Go for it Sian, you know it makes sense, why fight it ?


Link to Sian Porter at The Fat Panel here.

Link to The Fat Panel here.

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