Sid Bonkers has he gone completly batshit ?

Although Sid has been the forum enforcer for the low carb antis for years, he has provided us with much mirth. OK he has seen more than a few off the forum, and without doubt has caused more threads to be locked than a just about anyone I can think of. The post below was one of his rants yesterday, even by Sid's standard it's a corker. It's completes nonsense from start to finish and arguably his most comical post to date. Sid cannot see the irony in his words and I suspect the industrial quantities of medication (list now removed from his forum profile) he uses has tipped him over the edge. Maybe it's not the meds, it could well be his diet, reduced carb, low GI, portion control, low fat and cornflakes is enough to send anyone to the rubber Ramada.


Oh if only that were true Andy, the problem is that many of those who "bang on" about low carbs are not able to loose or maintain weight loss and many have also increased their meds so it just makes me smile when they continue to beat the low carb drum. They talk the talk but many dont actually walk the walk ;)

As to your other point "the same applies to everyone elses methods" who other than low carbers "bang on" about their diets? I certainly dont and in fact I rarely even talk about diet now as I am fed up to the back teeth with all the arguments and even aggressive comments made by certain members towards those who dont low carb, I am convinced that the evangelical low carbers only do so to try to convince themselves because theyre not kidding me or anyone else either I suspect.

I certainly dont feel the need to defend my lifestyle to anyone, it works for me and many others (the silent majority) so I really dont care what others think. I would not have mentioned it today other than the OP asked a question specifically of those whodont low carb.

There are many ways to control T2 diabetes and anyone who says otherwise is suffering from tunnel vision.:)

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