Looking for a bright star and three wise men appearing from the east !

Say what you like about diabetes.co.uk, but more miracles happen there than in the Bible. The latest miracle to be seen is from the highly vocal member Mongoose. This guy states in his profile “I am not diabetic, I have diabetes” too right you have diabetes lad. But here is the miracle, from the man himself.

“I don't low carb, I have tried it and it is not for me. If you are happy to eat that way it is fine. Just not for me. At diagnosis I had a HbA1c of 14.9% I followed the advice given of loosing weight (about 5 stone) reducing carbs and changing those carbs to better GI ones. reduced fats and changed from ghee to olive oil for the cooking etc. I started on 500mg of Metformin twice a day. I am now on one Metformin 500mg once a day. my last HbA1c was 4.7%”

OK reducing weight can be very beneficial for reducing Insulin resistance, but to go from HbA1c 14.9 to 4.7 and one metformin pill a day is a world record without a doubt. Bear in mind this guy does not low carb and has reduced fats. The trouble with forums nothing is verified, the same with blogs. On my travels through life I have found most people are honest, I have rarely been let down. But every now and again you read something that is either total bullshit or a complete miracle. The experienced and knowledgeable see through it, but the newbie or poorly advised is easily taken in.

So, with all these miracles flying around and the bullshit stacked high, what can you believe? Believe your weighing scales, your BG meter, your tape measure, your blood tests. If you look and feel good you are probably doing good. Don’t count on miracles and don’t believe the bullshit. diabetes.co.uk has had some miracle men and bullshit merchants in the past, it will always be the same, thankfully they don’t fool people for long. Anyone remember Gezzathorpe? He was an arch bullshiter, 250 carbs per day, no meds, and non diabetic BG numbers. I think old Gezza has been outdone.


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