Grandsons first fishing trip

Fishing and Fairy Princesses what do they have in common? The easy answer ..... amazing grandchildren.Weather again wasn't too brilliant but the boys i.e. Eddie, his son and grandson dressed up warmly and went fishing, leaving me and the girls playing with Fairy Princess Jigsaws and shopping trolley board games. We just love seeing the kids and grand-kids and come away tired but always uplifted.

It was grandsons first fishing trip. Would he catch a shark like the ones he saw at legoland yesterday? Err no said Grandad but I do hope you'll catch a carp. If the carp pulls you in can you swim "Yes I can swim four lengths now" was the proud reply. Well as you can see he caught a rather nice fish for his first fishing foray, At the end of the afternoon another surprise, Eddie gave him the rod and reel he had used to catch his very first fish. When grandson was asked had he enjoyed his first fishing trip, the reply was, "Yes, but it would have been better if it had been sunny". Couldn't agree more - perhaps summer will start this weekend, Saturday is 1st June.


All the best Jan

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