OK I know it's summer but !

In all my long and ancient years, I have never known a worse summer. The boffins tell us we are undergoing global warming, are these the sort of guys who tell me saturated fats are dangerous and carbs are good grub for a diabetic ? I have little respect for many boffins. I can get better information down my local pub, and these bar room lawyers and medics  have one hell of a sense of humour. How we have fell about laughing at the so called healthy diet. OK tonight’s grub, great winter fodder, but in this bone chilling weather it keeps us warm and happy.


                                      Rustic Pork Casserole

This meal is an absolute lowcarb stunner, and one of our favourites. 
Ingredients: Serves two
2/3 pork chops cut into pieces around an inch square or 25mm
2 large leeks chopped
1 hand full of button mushrooms
1 large sliced carrot
1 table spoon of dried mixed herbs

Approx 1 pint of gravy stock
Salt and pepper to taste.

Clean, cut and place all ingredients in a casserole dish or earthenware oven proof pot with lid. Pour over the stock and cook at 190c in an electric oven 90 mins. Gas mark 5.

What could be easier, very lowcarb, real food and tastes great. Perfect for a cold winters night, or a British summer. Snuggle up with a glass of red wine and a good book. This is called living where I come from.

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