My Wife is driving me nuts !

As reported here recently, my Wife Jan has joined our team, I am beginning to regret her signing up to our barmy army. Why is that you may be asking ? Well, for a start I have to fight to get near our internet computer these days. Secondly, she is bombarding me with information I have been writing and talking about for years. Did I know carbs are not essential ! Do you know how bad trans fats are for our health ! Seriously she is driving me nuts ! Have any of you ever given a copy of the Guinness Book of Records to a kid for Christmas ? I have, and they follow you around for two days saying “did you know” you’ve got the picture. Talking of nuts, she has tried to corner the worlds supply of Macadamia nuts, and I can’t open a lunch box these days without a pack staring up at me. I only have to say I am feeling a bit peckish, and the bloody nuts make an appearance. It gets worse. Jeez she has even questioned having the Free The Animal blog in our side bar, bleating “think of my ladies” It’s not all bad news, yesterday while surfing around she found this guy, Kris Gunnars.

Check this guy out she said, he has one great blog. I had a swift look and when I read this statement, “recommending a high-carb diet to diabetics is a crime against humanity” I thought yes, I like the cut of this blokes jib. This statement really fired me up, nothing ambiguous there eh ! Kris goes for the jugular, my kind of fella. Almost five years ago I stated on our website. “The dietary information offered to many newly diagnosed diabetics is at best nonsense and at worst criminal” and I think that is a fact, now more than ever. So check our Kris’s blog, it’s a fantastic site.

There is a silver lining to this cloud re Jan’s take over, with the weather at last warming up, I can spend more time down at my fishing club. Sitting around chewing the fat with a few old boys, and stopping off on the way home at my favourite pub for a drink or two. Getting back home after some sunbathing fishing, and being tormented by the smell of a great lowcarb roast in the oven, and a bottle of Rioja, quietly breathing on the dining room table, life could be worse.


Link to Kris’s blog here.

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