Diabetes.co.uk does Sid Bonkers own the forum ?

After years of getting threads locked and promoting a ludicrous 1200 calorie per day diet, the Bonkers one manages to get the Southport Doctor thread locked again. Even Gezzathorpe had agreed to leave the thread alone, and the thread was back on topic, but the Bonkers one had to have one last wheedle, and push his luck again. I am left thinking he must own the forum or maybe has some sort of hold over the people that do, how else can anyone explain why he has lasted so long ? What the objectives are of the forum owners is impossible to fathom, but in my opinion, helping the majority of diabetics to a safe place, is not high up on their priorities.

Sid and others should be able to say what they like within reason and the law, but why do the mods allow him to wreck and engineer thread locking at will ? Are the mods so blind or stupid they cannot see what has gone on for years ? Or is something more sinister afoot ?


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