Wonders will never cease, Sid Bonkers finally gets something right !

"low carbing is often claimed to make you more sensitive to carbs which seems a little self defeating to me for obvious reasons."

That was said today by Sid Bonkers on the forum of flog. Sid was having a kick at lowcarb, nothing new there then eh. But for once he was right. Over the years many people get slowly poisoned by highly processed carbohydrates, sugars and starches. The damage takes many years to manifest itself and becomes noticeable when we start to get health problems. Some people become obese, with all the hazards that brings on. Some people become type two diabetics, the list of health problems is long.

Look at it this way. Most of us know someone who drinks too much*, they can start drinking at a midday barbeque and still be drinking late at night, and they never get drunk, they don’t even seem to get tipsy. How can they do this ? It’s because they have become immune to alcohol, their body has been damaged, and they do not get the warning signs others get, who are not heavy drinkers, when they are poisoning themselves. In short they have built up a very high tolerance to alcohol. The same is true with carbs. When we eat starchy carbs/sugar our blood glucose goes up, plasma insulin goes up and knocks the BG down, but over time we build up a very high tolerance to insulin, we need more and more to get the BG lowering fix.

So, the informed and intelligent carboholics and sugar addicted, let’s call them junkie’s, I was one of them for most of my life, have a decision to make, do they dump the carbs and get well, or do they stay on the food that poisoned them, and try to get well with a bunch of drugs. Drugs that in some cases cause more problems than the poison carbs. For me and millions around the world, it’s a no brainer, the carbs get dumped. So back to Sid’s comment. He is right for the first time in a long time, when we dump the foods that brought about our health problems we lose the high tolerance we once had, we become very sensitive to what excessive carbs do to our bodies. Almost all lowcarbers fall off the wagon occasionally for many reasons, sometimes we have a discipline failure day or we are at a business or social occasion like a wedding, and it’s carbs or go hungry, and what do we find, and is reported by many ? We feel awful the next day, lack of energy, head aches, lethargic and bloated. We have poisoned ourselves !

As Sid said "low carbing is often claimed to make you more sensitive to carbs which seems a little self defeating to me for obvious reasons." He was right we have become more sensitive to carbs, more sensitive to, what is for millions around the world, poison. That seems a good thing to me, but as Sid likes to say we are all different, ain’t we just.

Have a good weekend.


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* If anyone says you lowcarbers are all drunks I will send the boys round.

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