Gezzathorpe between a rock and a hard place !

When Gezza started posting, and then talking about a GT test, I thought this guy is putting himself between a rock and a hard place. If he proved he was not a diabetic, which many suspect, he proves us right. If he proves he is a diabetic, then my comment saying he is one in a million also stands. In five years I have never come across a diabetic on nil diabetes medication who could consume 250 carbs and get the sort of BG numbers Gezza was stating. I have seen nothing that changes my initial opinion.

Gezza started a thread today at the flog detailing his GT test last night, the thread was deleted by the mods within minutes, why ? Part of his post missed by the screen shot, was words to the effect he is the only one that can prove what he claims. I don’t think so. What he has proved is the fact he is not a diabetic, he does not even fit the profile of a person with glucose intolerance. Check out the data in the second screen shot, this confirms my reason for thinking Gezza was not a diabetic, at the start of his posting regarding his BG numbers on a high carb diet and no diabetes meds.

Some may be thinking look at his numbers around the one hour mark, true they are high, but not as unusual as you might think. Back in my early days of living with diabetes, I done a huge amount of testing, both on myself and family and friends, and very often they were into double BG numbers within an hour of a carby meal. The massive difference between them and me, was how quickly they returned to non diabetic BG numbers, usually within two hours, my drop in BG to non diabetic was taking anything up to six hours and in extreme situations 8 hours.

So to conclude Gezza’s BG was 5.0 and at 2 hours 8.7 then within thirty minutes plummeting to 4.7. He then went into a hypo and weetabix and a banana saved him from expiring on the spot. Never to risk a GT test again. That’s a pity because I was hoping we could have BG meters at dawn duel. We could meet up, down the dreaded Lucozade and test every 15 minutes, I bet my profile would have been very different to Gezza’s. While he was staggering around having a hypo I would probably still be seeing double figure BG numbers on my meter. But I am a diabetic.

Click on screen shot to enlarge Gezza's deleted post.

  Click on screen shot to see DCUK info on GT tests.

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