Gezzathorpe and why I feel another Jimmy Moore pod cast coming on.

“As for making a point against lowcarb, I think I have claimed to be lowcarb at least 6 times in various blogs, so it would strange for me to be making a point against my own practice.”

Sorry folks, some of you must be getting sick of the amount of times we have posted about this guy recently, but he gets more ludicrous with every post. Remember he says he is a diabetic (he has proved he is not), he uses no diabetes medication and holds non diabetic blood glucose numbers on 250 carbs a day. Now he says he has said a least six times he is a lowcarber. Gezza makes Sid Bonkers appear sane, believe me that takes some doing.

Don’t get me wrong, as a pair of court jesters they are as good as it gets, but you can see from comments made on the threads they have infested, they are causing great confusion for the newbie’s and inexperienced. Meanwhile the administrator and mods sit back, and their only input has been to lock the Southport Doctor thread, (a proven medical professional) and a thread started by IanD. I feel another Jimmy Moore pod cast coming on. Here is the last one, big changes were made within days of this going out. The two senior mods got their exit visas.

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