Ian Day the man of calm and peace who never stops fighting for the lowcarb cause.

Ian posted this thread on a diabetes forum yesterday, I have shamelessly nicked it. Check out Ian’s story and how he almost became crippled by his type two diabetes and his road to recovery. Over seventy years of age and now playing tennis against people half his age. Pretty good for an old timer wouldn’t you say. Ian not only posts on forums, he is out on the streets, in halls, promoting lowcarb wherever he can.


 “At the Hounslow Diabetes/Cardio Support group in Hounslow last night, a Hospital consultant came to talk about heart drugs. He came in time to hear the previous presentation on "Heart Muscle Regeneration" by a mother & daughter team. The daughter had studied the heart regeneration ability of zebra fish as an A-level project. The search is on for the right stem cells. Consultant added that they were expecting results on stem cells in years, rather than decades.

Lots of questions from the floor.

'Mother' also spoke on heart attack risks, including stress and raised heart rate, so I asked about my tennis heart rate: No heart problems or medication. Resting - 60, maximum - 150 after intense rallies, between games - 120. Both seemed happy that that was OK. Presumably my resting normal heart rate & BP are indicative of a healthy heart that can cope with the exercise.

I asked the consultant about diet - NHS high 'good' carb, low fat, versus the low carb, increased fat diet that has reported benefits, but is not officially recommended. He acknowledged the controversy and that low carb may be OK, provided we don't eat lots of fish & chips, and hydrogenated fats - keep to unsaturated fats. He said if we have raised chol, we should not eat increased fats. I didn't tell him about cream on my nut porridge, or my 5+ chol. A previous talk recommended getting below 3 for total chol.

Not a good answer, as fish & chips aren't low carb, and the recommended (LCHF) sat fats are certainly not 'hydrogenated.' I suppose consultants only see cholesterol when it blocks arteries. Are they aware of data on raised chol in heart-healthy people? There has been plenty of discussion on this forum, questioning the danger of raised chol & the benefits of statins. He asked a show of hands for angina patients - about 40 out of 50; Keep your hand up if you've got your GTN spray with you - only 1 I could see; Always keep it with you - you don't know when it will save your life.”

Check out Ian's uplifting story and his road to recovery to good health and fitness here.

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