Apathy the biggest killer of diabetics after the average dietitian !

It never fails to amaze me how apathetic most diabetics are, maybe they are too lazy to post or comment on forum or blogs, maybe someone can tell me why. Check this situation out. Over at diabetes.co.uk they ran a poll called “Do you follow any kind of diet” this was open for a month. Of over 70,000 members only 131 bothered to vote. All the members had to do was click a button, but for 70,000 members it was too much effort. When you consider almost all the many arguments over the last five years have been about diet, it makes you wonder, does anyone care ?

I was enthused to see over 50% of the people that voted are either lowcarb or lowcarb high fat, that was encouraging. Also, the much pushed and promoted by a few lowcarb antis, low GI diet only received 7% of the votes. Sid’s much beloved ‘portion control’ (starvation diet) was not an option.

So there you have it, over 70,000 members and a pitiful turn out. Could this be the reason so many healthcare professionals treat diabetics like cannon fodder ? Because so many diabetics think they will get on the case, next week, next month, next year. Could it be many healthcare pro’s at one time worked hard to help diabetics, but got sick of the apathy, and lack of effort by so many to put some effort into improving their health ?


Click on screen shot to see poll results.

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