DCUK Sid Bonkers quote of the week !

"Crabs are not poison and those who chose to eat them are not addicts, there is no debate"

Methinks Sid has a lot of loose crabs in his head.

Stand by for more from Sid Bonkers aka the village idiot aka chemical Ali (he is a walking chemist shop) later today.


PS. Post followed up by LittleGreyCat with.

"I'm with Sid on this - the first paragraphs show a mind set which makes my very sceptical about anything that is posted after it.

If it is about statins, why all the propaganda about carbs?"

And the name of the thread ? Carbs and Statins. Looks like Sid has some stiff competition in the lunacy department. 


Just to add the link to the thread so you can see Sid's full comment:



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