Self appreciation society !

Us low carbers are certainly a loyal bunch, well our team is. We agree on just about everything regarding the best way to control diabetes. Let’s face it, we are 100% right ! I can sense buttocks clenching in certain quarters, with cries of cocky SOB, but think on this. For over five years I have lost count of how many times I have asked healthcare professionals, and members of forums and other blogs, this question, how can I control my diabetes on two metformin a day other than low carb ? The silence has been deafening !  I will never ever receive an answer, because there is no answer, other than low carb, full stop.

Forum low carb antis and anonymous negative posters on this blog, have been squawking total nonsense for years, but never one straight answer, never one shred of useful information, and that’s a fact. Sure, we know we can scoff the starchy carbs and junk that the antis defend 24/7, we can turn medication taking into a full time job and into an art form, but what is the point. What kind of person continues to eat food that so often leads to obesity and  often linked type two diabetes. More to the point, what sort of healthcare professional helps to send so many diabetics to an earlier grave ?

Top of our list and our number one star in our appreciation society is Franziska Spritzler, RD, CDE. For us low carb diabetic bloggers and non medical professionals, our downside is minimal, we only give our time. When a medical professional sticks their head above the parapet, of bent science and outdated dogma, the risks are much higher. Increasingly more medical professionals are speaking out, they are brave people, and must be supported at every opportunity. They will bring about the much needed changes in diabetic care and sound dietary information. Check out and comment on Franziska’s great site if you want to make a difference, just ten minutes of your time, that’s all it takes. You will not only be giving a thumbs up to Franziska, you will also encourage other professionals to stand up and be counted.


Link to Franziska’s site here.

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