New low carb diabetic blog.

Hi to all readers of this blog. The low carb team have started a new blog, imaginatively titled ‘low carb diabetic’ ho ho. We were up all night working that out. Seriously, our website and this blog are called low carb diabetic so we hope people will find the new blog easily, that’s the theory anyway. So, why another blog?

When we started this blog, it never crossed our minds it would still be going years later, and would run to thousands of posts. From the start we wanted a magazine type format. We thought post after post to diabetes links, trials and studies would be a turn off. Also we wanted a voice to take on spreaders of fear and misinformation, bent forum mods and other numbskulls. This blog has served it’s purpose and will remain the same.

The new blog will be a serious place for information on lowcarbing and diabetes related information. The layout and software lends itself far easier integration of plans we have for the future. Also, information should be much easier to find, as all topics and posts will be categorised. We are trying to build a one stop place for the newly diagnosed or long term out of control diabetic looking to improve their chances in the fight against diabetic complications. We very much hope that anyone looking to lose weight or improve their health with a low carb lifestyle will also find items of interest. We appreciate many of the people who read and comment on our blog are not diabetics.

As you will see the site is very basic at the moment, with much work to do. We intend to add a great many posts and links over the coming months. With Kath and Paul on board we know they will add an extra dimension, I am sure you will find their posts and articles interesting. A special thank you to all the people that read our blog, and a very special thank you to the people that take the time to comment. The team looks forward to seeing you over at the new place. We welcome any constructive criticism or suggestions you may have.

Kind regards and good luck and health to all.


Link to new blog.

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