DCUK quote of the day. An honest man’s dilemma.

"So I am in a weird situation, because in order to work and get paid (and I really need to start getting paid) I must advise these ideas despite me not having 100% faith in the principle. And I have to have faith in what I say because what means more to me than anything else is helping improve a person’s health"

An honest man’s dilemma. Chev knows the standard dietary advice is wrong, but can he find work and keep his job if he tells the truth ? Some years ago I met a young man called Josh, who told me he was just finishing his University dietitians course. I told him what I thought of most dietitians in no uncertain terms. He stopped me in mid sentence and said “I agree with everything you have said“. I asked how he would treat his patients. Would he follow the old carbs with every meal dogma, or would he go against the general flow. He replied “I guess I will have to cross that bridge when I come to it” I often wonder what that guy is doing now, and what advice is he giving to his patients.


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