Dietitians and other weapons of mass destruction !

My extremely jaundiced view of most dietitians probably stems from my first encounter with the species. Not only was the woman a registered dietitian she was also a Director of the BDA. In my opinion she was a health hazard, especially to diabetics. Out of the saturated fat will kill you, and carbs with everything, or it’s scurvy for you lad camp, we did not hit it off. She provided much mirth, but next to nil useful information. So that was my introduction to dietitians. Over the years I have lost count of the dietitians I have encountered, many giving expert advice on third rate diet and health programs on TV. Usually they have the brains of a rocking horse and carrying more blubber than Moby Dick and they are spouting complete jibber.

Now, I don’t expect every dietitian to have the physique and powers of Usain Bolt, but Jeez give me a break, they could make some effort. So many are walking examples of an extremely poor diet, or lifestyle, or both. Check out this horror story at posted today. The terrible thing is I have read countless reports like this post on forums. A taster from the post.

“Okay so I saw the dietician for the first time this morning since being diagnosed. What a complete and utter waste of my time!! And the woman clearly had issues!

I'm also working out 4-5 times a week. As I say I've lost 3 stone since June and so far, touch wood, since I've been using a monitor, my levels haven't been outside the "normal" range even once

She kept pointing to her little picture of the "plate" with the carbs and chocolate etc.

"I've lost 3 stone in under 3 months, I have a delicious, nutritious diet that I ENJOY, I've got more energy than ever before, I can work out more than ever before, my skin is better than ever, I feel fantastic, and my blood glucose levels are normal - what EXACTLY is controversial?". She wasn't impressed!

When I told her my goal weight (well she asked!) she looked at me like she wanted to stab me, and I got the distinct impression that she struggles with diet/weight herself”

So there you have it folks, another dietitian that thinks a lowcarb lifestyle is the work of Beelzebub and a one way trip to the knackers yard. Thank god for  Franziska Spritzler, RD, CDE


Link to the usual suspect here.

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