When Throwing Things at the TV isn't quite Enough !

Some years ago I joined the online YouGov panel. I had answered a few telephone surveys from them and although I didn't find them particularly well balanced, I thought it might be interesting in other ways - and a way to let off steam. I completed a good few surveys over the next few years but unfortunately there have been long periods when my vision hasn't been good enough to tick little boxes etc so although I continued to receive alerts I have not completed any for some time.

I felt quite strongly about the Syrian debate and when I was asked to take part in a survey I decided to give them another try. I was pleasantly surprised. It was very balanced and actually appeared to be seeking views and allowing for thinking outside the box.

Today, I received an email headed, ‘How you helped to influence the Syrian Debate’.   Needless to say this did not mean me personally, but referred to a list of newspapers, journals and tv and radio programmes which had used the results. I was surprised to find that there had been a number of surveys about this issue, although I had only registered the last one. Completing these things does help to concentrate the mind. I lose track of the number of times I mean to write letters of protest but don't get around to it. An online survey is so much easier.

I am not aware of any surveys re diabetes but I am sure there must have been some. I shall take a look in the archives. Much depends on the interpretation, of course, they are another form of statistic and often a double-edged sword. But the right survey could be very influential. At least its a way of letting off a little steam.

Perhaps someone knows of, or has taken part in surveys likely to be of interest to diabetics?


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