The clean food diet

“Fresh meat, fish, eggs, cheese and cream, at least ten vegetables or salad items a day. Use good oils and nuts. We call this diet the clean food approach.”

I wrote the above five years ago and the words have been on our website ever since. It occurred to me at the time, when the very mention of a lowcarb diet in some places, meant an almost instant bun fight. At the very least a small bunch of vehement anti lowcarbers would be spreading the doom and gloom. But if you think about it, a lowcarb diet is exactly that, a clean food diet. Most lowcarbers base their meals on non starchy fresh vegetables, add some meat, chicken and fish, and you have a meal that has received minimal intervention by man. How can a meal made from foods that have been with us from the beginning of time, be an unhealthy option compared to foods made in a factory, and more akin to a failed science experiment, than real wholesome natural foods ?

A member at ‘the same place’ started a thread today called ‘Looking for fellow clean unprocessed healthy eaters.’ I reckon I understood exactly what the member was saying. To me she was saying I don’t eat junk from a factory. Long term lowcarb anti Noblehead was straight on the case, firing in two posts in succession. Clearly he felt a lowcarb sermon was coming up soon. His third post on the thread included these words “I wasn't being negative in any way as I was just curious as to what you meant by the title of the thread as it wasn't clear” The thread was very clear to Paul one of the team members on this, and our new blog, when he stated.

“Type 1 myself and also try and eat as clean a diet as possible based around vegetables, berries, nuts, dairy and meats. Although I do like a bit of organic peanut butter every now and then.

Our methods differ as I'm not veggie and I low carb but I think we're singing from the same hymn sheet regarding eating 'clean' food.”

So often we see lowcarb antis, clearly demonstrating they have no idea what a low carbing person eats. They are either too thick to understand, or don’t want to understand. Maybe it is easier to look at the situation from the other side, maybe it is easier to state what we don’t eat. We don’t eat the sort of low nutrition, factory made, starch and sugar laden junk, that has lead to the twin epidemics of type two diabetes and obesity. We don’t eat the foods that rapidly raise blood glucose levels to a dangerous high and then require medication to bring back to normal. For me total madness is eating a doughnut and then using powerful and expensive medication as an antidote. But hey, as the antis love to tell us so often, we are all different. Ain’t that a fact.


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