DCUK quotes of the day !

 " No, I have no interest in low carbing."

" If that's what low-carbing does to someone then you are a good example of avoiding it."

 "Anyone who in in a famine situation, e.g. certain parts of Africa, would find it very hard to run. Give them an apple and they probably could run a bit. That is part of the reason they are so vulnerable. And before you try to patronise me about using this as an example, I have first-had experience."

"Here's a scenario ... a young child who hasn't eaten for days has the opportunity to escape from Syria to Turkey on foot. Do you

1. Give them a bowl of fruit
2. Give them a tub of lard"

Quoted by Mireille during a discussion on lowcarb and ketosis.

I see a big future for Mireille on the diabetes.co.uk forum, straight out of the Jopar mould.  BTW has anyone seen Gezza lately ?


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What would you choose ? 

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