Nice to get the thumbs up !

This was sent by email a couple of days ago.

“I am an ancient diabetic of 63 and had Type 1 diabetes for 58 of those years.  Unable to walk for 2.5 months (sciatica) this year I decided I must cut my carbs further (was on 80 per day of very healthy food) in order to control blood sugars without exercise.  Found a little help on diabeticuk blog and tracked down Dr.Bernstein & started following basic principles. Got his book but became unbelievably constipated; probably as not used to so much protein.

The relief may be your fantastic website with the flax/linseed recipes. In fact all your recipes are excellent, helpful and I cannot praise the presentation and effort put into your site enough. I made the bread recently which is delicious and too wonderful for words and planning to make the flax seed crackers today & celeriac/swede rostis for breakfast tomorrow. Thank you again for all the effort you have put into your site. I look forward to reading it further and growing healthier.  Incidentally, I have barely lost any weight which is a shame!”

Elizabeth (Full name and email address supplied)


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