DUK the diabetes charity, sleepwalking towards a public health disaster !

An article in the Daily Mail tells us today. "Ignorance of diabetes is 'a disaster in waiting': 70% of Brits don't know disease can lead to amputations and blindness"

"The lack of awareness comes despite the fact that those with the illness are 36 per cent more likely to die in any given year than those without it of the same age. Diabetes UK commissioned the survey as part of a £2million campaign funded in partnership with Tesco to raise awareness of the risk factors.

The charity’s chief executive Barbara Young said the aim is to ‘lay to rest the myth’ that type 2 diabetes is a mild condition.‘This is a misconception that is wrecking lives and is the reason that as a country we are sleepwalking towards a public health disaster of an almost unimaginable scale,’ she said."

That's very rich coming from the chief executive Barbara Young. I ask myself, who has done more to perpetuate the gruesome outcomes and lamentable HbA1c results, published in the NHS audits for diabetics than Diabetes UK ? And Tesco, what a paragon of virtue that outfit is. Anyone who believes Tesco, is interested in diabetics, is in need of psychiatric counseling. Jeez you couldn't make it up. If Tesco really want to help, they can stop selling the high starch/sugar junk that fills most of their shops, and Diabetes UK can stop promoting the diet of slow death. 

The hypocrisy in all this stinks like four pound of condemned veal, and to think, Barbara Young is paid a hundred grand a year plus expenses to peddle this bilge ! If anyone is sleep walking it's Barbara Young and her charity has been in a self induced coma for years. As I so often say, welcome to the crazy world of diabetes.


Daily mail story here.


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