Why we picked a red bell pepper as our logo.

Over five years ago upon diabetes diagnosis Graham and myself joined a diabetes forum. A Dietitian in residence at the time, warned us new to the crazy world of diabetes and new to the even crazier world of diabetes forums, and new to the totally and utterly crazy world of low carb, that scurvy could be coming our way in the future. The reason for this, was because we had dropped potatoes, and lowcarbers left themselves short of vitamin C.

Well folks, we did not fancy the idea of things dropping off, so I looked into foods that had a lot of vitamin C. Well it turned out potatoes were not front runners in the vitamin C stakes. I had been eating red bell peppers for years, both cooked and raw, lowcarb and chock full of vitamin C. Over five years into our lowcarb lifestyle and not a trace of scurvy. Make red peppers a regular on your shopping list. One cup equals close to 300% of your daily vitamin C requirement.


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