DCUK Sid Bonkers the thread lock king strikes again !

"Its a great shame that the moderators here dont appear to have the authority to edit or actually moderate a thread until they have had 6 meetings and a message from god.

If they were allowed to actually do their jobs here on the forum these public slanging matches and abusive PM's would not happen or would be swiftly dealt with if they did.

This thread was gone so far off topic now its a wonder anyone is still reading it.........

And for the benefit of those who dont know "nine Bob" is slang for a wrongun ie "He's as bent as a nine bob note", mostly used today in a homophobic attack. IMHO there can be absolutely no excuse for any member to use such abusive name calling on this forum and I am dumb struck that the moderators have let it go................."

To be fair to Sid I agree with him on this one, the thread was complete bollocks from the start !


Link to the dross here.

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