Diabetics the suicide kings of the medical world ?

Around five years ago I was talking to a diabetes expert , I was asking him why so many medics believed diabetes was always progressive, I do not. He replied because it is for most. I started to give my Gettysburg address, he stopped me in mid sentence, and said it is progressive because most diabetics don't care, they make no effort to control their diabetes even when they know the facts. He said there is roughly three groups of diabetics. The first third make a big effort to control their diabetes and stay healthy, the second group make no effort to control their diabetes, and the last group are glad they are diabetics and also make no effort to get well.  How can anyone be glad to be a diabetic I asked. He said it's because they feel they are different and can identify with a group, it also give them a reason to fail. Over the years I have begun to agree with him. Check out the post 'Millions with diabetes are refusing to diet or take exercise' below this post, and the argument seems to be confirmed.

"75 per cent of Type 2 patients are not concerned about the risk of complications from which they could easily die."

"Just 40 per cent say they have increased their level of exercise after diagnosis"

"42 per cent of people patients do not reach their blood sugar goals."

"68 per cent of people with Type 2 diabetes understood the importance of lifestyle changes but only 51 per cent made dietary changes"

"half of patients increase their chances of debilitating illness or death because they do not change their diet"

This has also been confirmed to me this week after spending too much time reading posts on certain UK diabetes forums. The same people asking the same questions hoping for a different answer, the same idiots scoffing the carbs, shoveling down the meds, telling people low carb cannot be sustained in the long term. The intellectually blind, leading the soon to be blind, it's a tragic state of affairs. 

But all is not lost, people like me, and there are countless like me, are not wasting their time promoting the low carb lifestyle. If only a third of diabetics want to be helped, that is a great deal of people, and we have much good work to do. As Robb Wolf said on the short video placed on this blog the other day. "don't piss your time away on naysayers" and "if they are don't want to know fuck them" I am spending all what time I have left helping people who want to helped, as for the others, Robb said it for me.


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