Dr Paul Jones - Carmarthen University aka The Spoofer aka Multiple Miggs view of women.

"Hello flâneur,

There should come a health warning on higher education for women. 

Can cause bad "habits" - Like neglect of appearance, the growing of wispy beards, the wearing of more than one coat and the carrying around handbags with balls of string in them. 

But the worst thing is most so-called educated women adopt crazy dietary habits and a anti-establishment mentality.

I believe men are more evolved evolutionary wise to handle knowledge better.

But can also (not to appear sexist) can end up with anti-establishment mentality and batty ideas. Especially as they get older. 

Linus Pauling a notable example. This forum/blog is another, full of misguided individuals.

But I stand by my comments made to that women, I am distracted by a sexy figure, I can admire such, but not get distracted. Methinks the reverse is true of you I expect Eddie.

Not the mark of a true researcher.

The woman rambling's are nuts."

Dr Paul Jones - Carmarthen University 

That comment came in this afternoon together with this highly accomplished piece of work.


Your comments are grand, considering this site and the bull dodo it peddles.

Dr Paul Jones - Carmarthen University"

Whether this commenter is genuine or not, makes no difference to the fact, the sender is clearly a troubled man. He appears to be wrapped too tight for this blog, probably wrapped too tight for any place. I am indulging him for the time being, I'm am optimist and I feel he may actually have something worthwhile to send to us regarding diet. I have checked out academics with that name operating in Wales and one is a vegan. Come on Paul, thrill us with your acumen.


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