Nature - we cannot turn the tide.

The sad news dominating the world today has been that Nelson Mandela died late yesterday evening.

One of the other main stories here in the UK has been about the strong winds and floods that have affected certain areas. For some it has been a story of evacuating their homes, sand-bagging their houses and sleeping in school halls or sports centres. As always the great British spirit has prevailed. However, our thoughts must be with those who have had houses damaged and possessions lost and in one case a property actually got blown over the cliff. Lives have been lost where trees have been blown down, nature has once again shown what a force it is and how strong it can be. Our thoughts are with all those who have been affected.

However, in our part of the UK the weather this afternoon was perfect. A cold but sunny winters day, so I got my hockey stick out, levered Eddie off the settee, and we went to our local park for a walk. It was very relaxing to be out and about in the fresh air. It was also nice to see many others doing the same. So often we ignore what is on our doorstep, in our neighbourhood. Sometimes we ignore the feel good factor a walk can bring us.

Here are three pictures showing some lovely winter berries plus well guess who ?

Enjoy your Friday evening. However, if you live in the area where there could be another high tide with flooding I hope you will be safe. We cannot turn the tide against Nature but there are certain things we can do to help. That also goes for our health, there are things we can do to give us a healthier and longer life, it is our choice of course, but I'm for living as healthy as possible and enjoying time with family and friends.

All the best Jan

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