Why we never stop warning people of the dangers of poorly controlled diabetes !

The case of a 50-year-old diabetic man’s feet highlights the damage diabetes can do to the body.

"The photo's above shows the dramatic damage of a diabetic foot infection which developed after the rubbing of new shoes. The painful lesions developed in only ten days. His story, reported in theNew England Journal of Medicine, demonstrates the speed at which the side effects of diabetes can take hold.
On day one, his skin flared red and wouldn’t heal because of poor circulation. The infection then blistered and turned black from dead tissue. By day ten, the wound required surgery.
Doctors told the The Daily Mail that the man was obese and was unaware he had diabetes. The patient also arrived 10 days after the infection had begun and was found to suffer from peripheral neuropathy - a condition where the nerves in the extremities such as the arms, hands, legs and feet are damaged. It affects 70 per cent of people with diabetes."

I have been hanging around forums and health blogs for over five years. In that time I feel I have learned a lot about diabetes control. I have seen some grim sights and thought I knew the score re complications. But the speed of deterioration in this mans foot has left me shocked and stunned.
I keep good control and my BG numbers are non diabetic most of the time. Over the last six months I have put on around 10Ib in weight, mostly due to not enough exercise. Jeez this story has given me a wake up call. I never ever thought things could get this bad so quickly. Less time blogging and more time walking for me, starting today !
Our friend Indy sent this item in and shows we must be forever vigilant.


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