DCUK Quote of the day 2

"When you see your doctor tomorrow he/she will no doubt prescribe medication to help get your levels down, you can help these drugs by cutting back on your consumption of carbohydrates especially those in things like Potato, bread, rice and pasta." Sid Bonkers

Why is it when a low carber suggests the same information, Sid is calling it low carb propaganda and bellowing for the mods to lock the thread ? Is Sid batshit or is he batshit.


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More from Bonkers

"Who's debating the validity of low carbing, I low carb myself, just not to the extremes that you do. Have you even considered that some people may be interested in what I have to say"


This is what he had to say in the non Low Carb forum.

"I am defiantly not a 'vehement anti low poster' But do not low carb myself."



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