Phoenix says it's not the carbs it's the fat that raises blood glucose !

For those who do not know Phoenix at a brief CV.  She bases her diet on carbs, is a Hope Warshaw fan, and has dedicated the last five years of her life to confusing newly diagnosed and confused diabetics. She loves her carbs and uses an insulin pump to control BG numbers. A crude explanation but nevertheless not too wide of the mark, is she eats lots of carbs, then winds up the insulin output from her pump, connected by tubes to her body, to counter the rise in BG brought on by the surfit of carbs. Test strips are no problem for her, so everything is okey cokey, for her. 

What about diabetics that do not have access to insulin, or a pump, or even test strips ? Our phoenix doesn't give a monkeys, she rubbishes low carb at every opportunity knowing full well, for so many it is their only chance of safe diabetes control.

In my earlier post I stated low carb antis and Carboholics are either mentally ill or thick as a plank. Well, phoenix is a long way from being thick, is she mentally ill, a shill for big pharma ? you try and work it out. One thing is for sure, she is a very nasty piece of work at best. What kind of life lead her to have such contempt for people less fortunate than herself.

Part of a post she made today.

"The EDIC/DCCT report mentioned earlier is really only relevant to T1 but It shows very clearly that a reduction in HbA1c to below 7% reduces complication risks but that below that point the benefits from further reductions are much smaller.The study also showed that for people with T1 that levels below this were associated with a higher risk of severe hypoglycaemia.

(and since, surprise, surprise, diet has come up again; subsequent analyses in that study have also looked at diet and complications in that cohort; carbohydrate doesn't seem to be the villain here, indeed fat was positively associated with higher HbA1c and retinopathy in this trial)
retinopathy "

As we have been saying for years, complications risks rise with a rise in BG numbers. The graph in her post proves that. Anyone who believes healthy fats are the cause of highly elevated BG numbers, and carbs are not the villain is out to lunch. Of course phoenix knows this, that's what makes her dangerous, and that's why we call her the slippery one.


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