Carboholics, low carb antis and other dullards !

Check out some diabetes forums, especially and you soon see diet is the most contentious subject being discussed. I have wondered for years why this should be so. So much of the success on the DCUK forum has come by way of low carbing. So, the obvious question, why all the grief, the arguments, the thread locking, the banning. This has taken me a long time to work out, but I believe I have the answer. The low carb antis are mentally ill, or at the very least, as thick as planks.

Now, you may think I am being a bit hard on the antis, but consider this. They seem unable to comprehend non insulin using diabetics have no choice but to low carb. Most type two medications are useless, expensive and many come with gruesome side effects. In my time as a diabetic drugs such as Avandia and Actos have been banned, and other type two meds are under the FDA spotlight for killing people. Take it from me, a bag full of drugs is not the best way to control type two diabetes.

Another point I have observed over the years, is the diabetics doing most of the bellowing "I love my carbs, low carbing does not work, low carbing is dangerous, people can't keep to the diet long term etc" are insulin users. Very often on insulin pumps. Theoretically you can eat any amount of carbs you want and cover the BG rise with insulin. The trouble is, theoretically does not work out in a real life situation. This has been proven by the NHS published audits that state 93% of type one diabetics do not get to a safe HbA1c number.

So there you have it, lots of drugs for type two diabetes is not the way to go (the ACCORD study proved this) and lots of carbs and lots of insulin does not work (the NHS audits proved that). Which is why as I said at the beginning of this post, low carb antis must be either mentally ill, or as thick as a plank. I call this condition Cretinopathy easily the most serious diabetes complication.

Carboholics please form an orderly queue if you want to take me on. 


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