Big pharma greed knows no bounds ! Thalidomide victims being born again !

If you have never taken a pharma drug in your life, and know absolutely nothing about drugs, if you are middle aged or older you will have heard of Thalidomide. Not the largest big pharma disaster by any means, but certainly the most well known. I was staggered to read today the drug has been used again, and babies are being born without limbs because of this horror drug. I can only hope the poor souls, affected by this terrible drug, receive millions in compensation. Years ago when UK children were victims of this horror story, it took years to get some compensation, and the compensation was meagre.

"In the same 2005-2010 period, 5.8 million Thalidomide pills were distributed across Brazil. "We had about 100 cases in these six years similar to Thalidomide syndrome," says another of the research team, Dr Fernanda Vianna."
"A tragedy is occurring in Brazil... it is a syndrome which is completely avoidable," says Dr Lavinia Schuler-Faccini, a professor at the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul.But campaigners, doctors and leprosy sufferers say the drug is vital. They believe the benefits outweigh the risks."

Victim of unbelievable stupidity and greed !

More on this horror story here.


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