Has xyzzy lost his grip on reality ?

 Xyzzy said at diabetes support forum.org formerly ETYM forum.

"Eddie resigned after he sent a pornographic email to Jo (Defren). I still have the email and the internet headers that are invisibly attached to all emails when sent proving it came from his email address. I still also remember Sue (my wife) and I taking Jo's telephone call and having to console her over its content when it appeared in her inbox. I also have Eddie's bizarre attempt at an apology in a later email".

Xyzzy is that the best you can do mate, give me a good argument at least. I know you can do better than this. We've done the "pornographic email" bit yesterday get up to speed lad.

I copied all the board members with that  "pornographic email" It was a joke, an old joke many have heard, bad taste maybe but not pornographic ! Publish this "pornographic email" together with my "bizarre" apology.I have not denied sending the email and have posted it on this blog, or as near as damn well as I can remember. My resignation was weeks after the email was sent. If you lot thought it was so bad, why was I not fired as a board member immediately and banned for life? You're talking utter tosh and you know it ! More importantly, many of your members know it I suspect !

So chuffed you took my advice re. the forum name, remember how you came on here, more than once and gave me an argument, when I said diabetic or diabetes needs to be in the name. The big question is, how low will you people go to defend the indefensible ?

Your board members have bullied and lied and connived, most of the members can see it. Many have emailed and posted here in my support. Why do they fear to post on your forum ? When will Blinkered get an apology ? When will you lot admit you have messed up big time ? Why have so many of the early members walked ? Why is it that a forum that has hundreds of visitors in a day, yet no one wants to join ? When are you going to remove all the obvious spoof names in the members list ?

I would ask these questions on your forum, but the MO in your joint is delete, thread lock and ban. Over to you xyzzy. BTW I am off fishing tomorrow, so you and your board can get your heads together and come up with some plausible answers. Let's face it, you and your team always came at me mob handed when I said something that rocked the boat.


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