Great News From ETYM !

Just when I thought the forum of fantasy was about as much use as a rubber beak on a woodpecker, we hear of a remarkable diabetes story. Many members and visitors to the forum of fantasy, know how hard I fought to get the high fat low carb message a mainstay of the forum. Countless times we were told by the board owners we are not a low carb forum. Countless times I was attacked by the mob, very often lead by the forum owners (ironically mostly low carb high fat) well, those with good diabetes control, but at last we have a success story worth shouting from the roof tops.

A member posted a wonderful success story. Weight loss almost 60lbs, Triglycerides reduced from 3.9 to 0.8 and HbA1c reduced from 7.5 to 4.8 a fantastic achievement.

The member concluded with “So whoever is out there wondering if low carb high fat diet is for them, I can only suggest you try it and observe the results for yourself.”

It made all the nonsense worth while. As you may have expected, to-date the board owners are hardly falling over themselves congratulating the member, they are too busy deleting threads and issuing threats, and orchestrating smear campaigns. Five years a diabetic and healthcare professional Wiflib congratulated the member. Wiflib lost and has maintained twice the weight loss and is another very rare diabetic, a member of the 4% club. No prizes for guessing the method that completely transformed Wiflib’s life.

Have a good day folks, I am going to have a stress free day today. Low carb high fat, you know it makes sense, why fight it !


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