It’s official ! People who criticise ETYM Management are w*****s !

“She is a real star and does not deserve the criticism she has received in recent days in "other places". The people who have been having a go at her are complete w*****s as far as I'm concerned. They need to grow up” xyzzy

“Don't you worry about me Steve, people like that are all brave sitting behind a keyboard” Defren

Well, they have got something right for a change at the cakes club. I am a w****r, well, let’s put it this way. At 63 years of age, and due to my excellent BG control, since type two diagnosis over five years ago, the old wedding tackle shows no signs of erectile dysfunction. Too much information, check out diabetes forums and over the years you will see so many men suffer from this situation. Often these men are in their thirties and is a very serious problem. As Doctor Richard Bernstein says “Highly elevated BG numbers effects every tissue in the body” Clearly many men risk their eyesight, limbs and kidneys by not taking their diabetes seriously, maybe the threat of erectile dysfunction might scare them into getting their diabetes under control.

As for being brave sitting behind a keyboard, I am always willing to discuss any issues face to face. I use my real name and my mug shot is out there. Anyway must go, I’m on a promise, wouldn’t want to keep her waiting, they don’t call me Spread Eagle Eddie for nothing.


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