The Sid Bonkers Paradox !

Say what you like about Sid Bonkers, long time member of the forum of flog,, he never fails to amuse. The experienced and well controlled diabetic members at the forum, know Sid as an absolute genius at getting threads locked and posts deleted on the forum. The big question is, is Sid a harmless old buffoon, or a menace to the diabetic community ? Sid is a very mercurial man, one day he is posting some useful information, he once posted a fantastic lowcarb recipe complete with a great picture, the next day he is spouting the biggest load of tosh that ever came up the pike. I have tried to fathom Sid out. What goes on in his head. Does the phase of the moon effect him more than most, does wind direction play a part, is he a complete nutter ?

Sid uses every opportunity to tell the world, lowcarbing is a restricted diet, and many people cannot keep with it in the long term. Yet Sid has the most restricted long term diet I have seen on the forum. He tells us breakfast is a splash of milk over 17 grams of cornflakes, please note I said 17 grams. He once came onto this blog to correct me when I stated he ate 16 grams of cornflakes. Sid likes to rubbish Gary Taubes books, but when asked what he did not like about the books, he said he had not read them, but had seen a Taubes video once. Yesterday Bonkers said this on the flog “And if someone does "opt" to take more medication and or eat a healthy balanced diet instead of low carbing is that now a crime?” read again, “eat a healthy balanced diet instead of low carbing” Now that is very subtle by Sid’s standard. Lowcarbing is not a healthy diet, this from a man that consumes around 1200 calories a day, with more than his fair share of junk. When he is in full flow, he is far less restrained. When Doctor Jay Wortman joined the forum, Sid was first in the queue putting the boot in and rejoiced when Jay was banned. A month or so ago he attacked another Doctor and promoter of lowcarb, who joined the forum, labelling the Doctor a troll. The Doctors credentials proved he/she was a Doctor, who sadly appears to have walked, as have other healthcare professionals.

Sid’s latest outburst, came after he read a line from long term forum member, and long term lowcarber Hana. Who stated  “In addition there's been a history of rubbishing the low carbers and opting for more medication” That’s completely true, Sid must know that, he has lead the vulture pack for around five years. Sid must also know for a typical type two diabetic, the more carbs consumed, the more medication needed to try to bring down blood glucose numbers. Sid must also know, over the years type two drugs considered wonder cures by some, have been banned for killing people. So Sid, if someone does "opt" to take more medication” and not lowcarb, that is not a crime, but the NHS stats tell us 93% of type one diabetics never get to a safe HbA1c number, and that is a tragedy. And the Sid’s of this world seem to want this grim situation to continue, for there is something else Sid must know very well. That almost all the success stories on the forum of flog and so many other forums, has come by lowcarbing and minimal diabetes medication.


Check out the Bonkers one here. 

Stop press. This months golden Gezza award goes to Sid Bonkers.


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